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  "High quality products for happy life" - so is the slogan of the company "Sibkholod". For over 17 years the solid team our company guarantees our partners the highest quality of production with following the tradition of high technology production and providing everyday quality control of raw material and end product. 
We are always open for our partners! We live up to the principles of dependability, trust and respectability! 
We are proud with our achievements! We strive every day for becoming better for our consumers! We provide our partners with constant profit! 
We are looking forward to work together with you!
Contacts of manufacture: 644073, Russia, Omsk, 2-ya Solnechnaya str., 44B 
Tel. +7 (3812) 711-911, 713-511. E–mail: sib-holod@yandex.ru
E-mail of Marketing Department: marketing@sibxolod.ru

The assortment of "Sibkholod" ice-cream

Without needless "E".
The range of ice-cream with no preservatives, colorants and artificial additives. 
The product "without e" is produced on the base of concentrated cream, butter and sugar with addition of gelatin - fully natural stabilizer from traditional technology.  
Ice-cream "SlivkoEshka" is also wealth of 100% natural product: calcium and vitamins (А, В1, В2, Е, С), what has been confirmed by laboratory findings. 

ГОСТ пломбир.
Taste from the USSR!
Our "GOST plombir" is produced according to traditional technology of 70-s and 80-s of the 20th century: from natural components and without using of modern artificial stabilizers. The brand name, contrastive packing and hand-made wrapping emphasize and strengthen associations with solid Soviet product. Soft taste of vanilla and simple accustomed shapes of ice-cream will bring joy to lovers of traditional ice-cream like in childhood.

На сливочках
This is because of cream! Сливки2.jpg
Top seller!
Contain of fresh (or village) cream tincture to ice-cream soft taste and special aroma. This delicious taste has become adorable for millions of Russians. The package with happy cow can be recognized even in the utmost regions of Russia. 

Мой десерт.
Pleasure like in restaurants!
The new products from "Sibkholod" allow nobody to stay indifferent, even the most demanding gastronome!   Ice-cream with tastes of the most popular restaurant desserts is aimed to fascinate and not to leave any chance to deny the pleasure! The perfect symphony of all components of ice-cream makes it the desired end of dinner.  

For little dreamers and fanciers!
The range of ice-cream produced special for children.  Ice-cream Chupiks is frugally sweet; it does not contain vegetable fats, artificial flavors and colorants.  The adventures of our funny heroes Chupiks will excite curiosity and stimulate imagination of our little dreamers. Ice-cream Chupiks is regularly subject to microbiological studies and tests. This is precisely why we give our ice-cream to babies. Every one of us is personally designated to its quality!

Золотой знак
Traditional quality.
The line-up of traditionally qualitative ice-cream. Crunchy wafer cup with chocolate glaze, assorted raisin, peanuts, cereals and jam are traditional tastes liked by Russians. 

Made in Siberia. Made with love.Сибирское-баннер.jpg
Ice-cream "Sibirskoe" is the perfect mixture of pleasing taste and prices affordable for everyone. Simple traditional recipe, light consistence, neat assortment and big portion of Siberian love contain in every ice-cream. 

День варенья. 
Turns your life to a holiday!
The variety of tastes with sweet jam overtone is the specific character of this line-up. The perfect tandem of soft creamy taste and earthy tastes of sweet jam can be found in all products of the line-up: plastic cups, waffle cones, eskimo, cups and weighting ice-cream.

Фестиваль вкуса и Сладкий каприз.
This is a great present for you and your family!Фестиваль-вкуса,-торты.jpg
Various combinations of ice-cream with other components: nuts, sponge cake, toppings and jams, cocoa, jelly and fruit. Everyone can find something fascinating for their family among such variety. 

Ice cream for restaurants and café.Весовое,-ванны2.jpg
The "Sibkholod" company presents the collection of ice-cream for cafes and restaurants. Soft and light ice-cream with our traditional tastes-bestsellers and unique new positions of ice-cream are created in joy of gastronomes and lovers of ice-cream.